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Egbe Iwa-Pele is an international association of Ifa devotees who have joined hands to preserve the ancestral wisdom that supports the development of iwa-pele. The word iwa-pele from the elision Iwa ope ile meaning I come to greet the earth. The connotation in the Yoruba language of greeting Earth is to live in harmony with the Earth and all the people who share it with us. As a spiritual discipline that teaches atunwa or reincarnation we want to leave the Earth a better place than when arrived.

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  • Overcoming Fear 2 weeks ago

    by Awo Falokun Ninety percent of the task of overcoming a fear is the ability to identify it correctly. Identify the fear, own it, look it in the eye, ask for assistance to face it. When a person is uncertain about their destiny, especially when they are seeking a vocation, or considering a change in […]

  • How Do I Make An Offering To My Ancestors (Egun)? 1 month ago

    Feeding the ancestors should be done on a regular basis to keep them close to your shrine. The frequency of the feeding is part of the agreement you make with your ancestors.

  • The Symbolism of Odu Ifa Part 20: Oyeku Odi 1 month ago

    Liturgical Yoruba Language – The Symbolism of Odu Ifa Part 20: Oyeku Odi by Awo Falokun Fatunmbi Oyeku Odi from the elision Oye iku o idi meaning understanding death brings the spirit of rebirth. In Odu Ifa the word iku or death does not always refer to physical death, it is generally a reference to […]

  • The Symbolism of Odu Ifa Part 19: Oyeku Iwori 2 months ago

    He was asked to make an offering. Would life please me? They asked. They said life would please the Masquerade, but he should perform sacrifice. The Masquerade then performed the sacrifice. He had rest of mind and peace he then started performing wonders.

  • Egun and Ancestral Wisdom 3 months ago

    A Yoruba proverb says we become who we are by standing on the shoulders of those who come before us. From the perspective of traditional Yoruba culture, remembering those who came before us is a sacred obligation. Each generation takes responsibility for preserving the wisdom of the ancestors. In most earth-centered cultures, meaning those cultures that make an effort to live in harmony with nature, dissemination of ancestral wisdom is the foundation of the methodology used to guide consciousness along the path leading from childhood to maturity and self-actualization.

Preparation For Initiation

Building An Ancestor Shrine

EgungunIn traditional Ifa culture everyone is believed to have the ability, and the obligation to communicate with the ancestors on a daily basis. According to Ifa oral tradition, communication with your ancestors is a birthright and requires no special sanction. At times this communication can simply involve remembering a revered ancestor and making use of the memory as a basis for making an important decision. In many ways ancestor communication is an extension of the training and wisdom we receive from our parents and grandparents...